Food inc….

5 thoughts on “Food inc….”

  1. The movie was not a complete shock to me… It showed me the extent of the ‘damage” to food , to people to nature and to animals…

    We need to find better ways to raise meat and grow our crops; We need more people to be involved with farming , even if that means a few herbs and a small garden in the back yard… A small herb garden can be completely sustainable and cost almost zero dollars…

    Josh i will try to get a copy …. i have a surprising post coming up about growing your own food soon ….

  2. Hi Justforfood, I posted because of your post. I’m new to this and can’t figure out how to “trackback” to your post. The movie was very thought provoking and your post brought it all back. Keep up all the great work you do.

  3. For a balanced perspective on these issues check out “The Truth About Organic Foods” by Alex Avery and “Saving The Planet With Pesticides and Plastic” by Dennis Avery.

    As a farmer I am aware of the rampant fraud and dishonesty involved in growing and selling organic produce. The average person does not have a clue! I would not pay a penny more for anything with an organic label.

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