Sean Brock and the renaissance of American Cuisine….

4 thoughts on “Sean Brock and the renaissance of American Cuisine….”

  1. Good afternoon
    I have been working with Chef Sean Brock for over 2 years. I have been in the business for many, many years and I must say that this young Chef teaches me something every single day. He is the most creative, passionate and hard working chef I have ever met. I am priviledge to be working with such a talented artist.

    1. Monsieur Guillet

      I had the pleasure to stage for Chef Brock and i will always remember and admire the dedication of your team … You sir could give a lot of lessons on service …I was left with happy memories and beautiful inspiration after my short stage and i cant wait to come back for a second one… Chef Brock is the most influential , hospitable and creative personality i had ever have the pleasure working under…

      Its a pleasure hearing from you again … I hope i can make it to SC in February…
      Best Regards

  2. Yes indeed Sean Brock is not alone…. I honestly believe though that Sean has embraced his locality more than most chefs …. And then what a perfect setting , being in Charleston as a chef of this excellent restaurant…
    I consider myself very fortunate for meeting him in 2007 at Starchefs and for having the opportunity to be allowed in his Kitchen as a stage… It was not his artistry that i was most impressed but his drive and dedication to food and his team … He made 14 hour days seem like a walk in the park… It was beautiful…

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