At the end of the day its all just food…..

Starchefs ICC 2009…. Day one…

Trying to keep this post in reasonable size seems impossible … I will try to do my best to bring a little bit of NYC energy from this unique event so… here we go…

First day…Always eager to watch the keynote …Antoinette and Will put up a lot of work and its so much more than a trends survey…. Its a snapshot of whats going in the industry regardless of region ….



Norman Van Aken , Charlie Trotter and Emeril Lagasse…Florida Chicago and New Orleans… It is always great to have corversations between chefs… And yes Charlie Trotter is still Charlie Trotter in all his greatness ….DSC_0066
David Bouley ,Paris to Tokyo, French Cuisine Japanese techniques came next to set the tone for the day…. I enjoy listening to David Bouley ..His Fusion of French and japanese is more than a trend or even a concept ..Its a whole new world of possibilities…Its not about setting the bar ,its more about raising it….His presentation revolved around the ingredients of japan and how these mix in a two plate demo of Uni Terrine and the out-of-this-world miso black cod, black onion powder…. I could watch and listen to chefs like Bouley for hours….DSC_0078

Yoshihiro Murata came next …Kaiseki approach to seasonal ingredients and the search of umami fused in one presentation where different dashi preparations were displayed …The complete dish was so impressive and colorful ,yet balanced in all aspects …..The Kuzu /dashi ” dumpling s” in the dish also represent a very new idea to me… Simply outstanding…DSC_0100


Yoshihiro Murata...

Yoshihiro Murata...

Dr Nathan Myrhvold and Chris Young came next… Their demo was more than interesting…In their display of an upcoming release of a 1500 page book that has been in the works for a while now ,they displayed a handful of cool concepts like their constructed cream and edible prune coals… Their know how and analytical approach into the science of cooking and the processes involved will yield a plethora of applications that will be very useful to Avant Garde chefs across the board… Even though their announcement of the 1500 page book has kept us wondering about price and end user usability .Spray dryers , centrifuges, homogenizers and freeze dryers have a long way to go before they find their way into the mainstream kitchen..But Dr Myhrvolds research will produce groundbreaking ideas in many areas…Have to wait for the book, 1 more year…

Dr Myhrvold

Dr Myhrvold

The homogenizer in all its glory....

The homogenizer in all its glory....

APril Bloomfield Did a pig head to tail presentation were a whole pig in broken down and a dish is created using the belly in a roulade that is poached ,ears crisp and pork skin puffed …The use of the puffed skin technique is nothing new but it was good to demonstrate it anyway and incorporate it in the dish …The Plating was completed with the addition of fried breaded garlic confit and onion puree … A very impressive plating….




And on to the last and most important part of the day…Pierre Gagnaire… What can i say about the man…This is a pure demonstration of culinary artistry and improvisation on the spot..A great chef is given a handful of ingredients and is asked to create , in this case its 6 dishes , in an unfamiliar kitchen and an audience watching every move…I was completely blown away by Pierre Gagnaires presentation and must admit that it takes an effort to keep up with him …..Unfortunately between taking notes and pictures i missed 3 of the dishes in the photo booth….
But meeting him afterwards was “all the money”….





A great start this year…

Coming up Day 2 & 3 plus more from the recent trip in NYC……

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  1. Chris

    Great pics Kosta!… thanks for sharing them and it was great to see you dude… StarChefs is a trip! Now I have some corn to plant! Anytime you want to come to SW Florida let me know. Talk to you soon. Chris

    September 30, 2009 at 10:26 pm

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