Ready for NYC …..

2 thoughts on “Ready for NYC …..”

  1. Hello Konstas,

    Nice camera, I have a D200 and just loving it but envying the D300 whenever I see one.
    It was a great pleasure to getting know you and meeting you at the ICC which I thought it was too short as just when I started to get comfortable and having fun it was over, so sad. Please check out my site and drop me an email.
    I have just started this blog but it’s been a while since I have posted the latest one so please excuse me on that. My blog will focusing on Asian cuisine in America and trying to share my ideas and concepts of America vs. Authenticity, honestly I don’t really know how to put it together yet but I guess I just need to keep rolling it.
    Please let me know if you have any advice or thoughts and don’t hesitate to contact me whenever you are in Los Angeles.

    Thank you,

    Michael Choi (Travel & Photography) (Food)

    1. It was great meeting you in Starchefs this year… Your blog i just saw today looks really good and now its time to get to work and put some more posts … I will drop an email sometime in the next 5 days… And dont worry about having fun …I am sure we can find something in between until the next one… And we are gonna plan ahead a lot this time…

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