A Modest Proposal….

5 thoughts on “A Modest Proposal….”

  1. seriously. i am trying to hit up a bunch of places to eat. alinea and l2o being the main 2. new york food was incredible. tailor was amazing sam masons food was spot on. corton was awesome. wd-50 was really good too. momofuku amazing. i think i am going to head to vegas and eat as well since its only a 4 hour drive from me right now (i used to work at bouchon there, vegas heat sucks 110f at 1am). whats going on with the supperclub type dinners?

    1. Supperclub Dinners are on “ice” … In other words we are dragging on certain issues for the time being …but I will move forward with certain decisions , while keeping everyone in place and on schedule because if i try to coordinate a team i like to keep all on track because sometimes its hard for people to follow my ideas or understand the visions so i have to break a project into smaller tasks , ideas into visual stimulus , examples using whatever i can get in hand….
      And of course on top of everything else Budget conscious decision making is vital …..
      I will shoot you an email later on to keep you posted and ask some questions…….

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