Back on track…..

6 thoughts on “Back on track…..”

  1. Whats up my friend. I am glad you enjoyed your trip home, I think its very important to return home every once and a while and the treasures you brought home look like they will be a lot of fun. Im writing you to let you know that I took a job at McCradys and will be moving down there at the end of the week so please call me and we will talk plus I did buy my tickets for star chefs so we should make plans for going together.


    1. Απο Αθηνα φιλαρακι…Λειπω καμποσα χρονια εξωτερικο….
      Απο που πατριωτη..?

  2. o pateras mou, apo ‘velvento-kozani’. genithika edo, h mhtera mou apo north carolina. prepi na erthies charlottesville kamia fora, na fame mazi, h na pame mccrady’s kamia fora. o filos mas jeremiah doulevi ekei tora.

    xristos anesti file-

    1. Χριστος Ανεστη φιλε μου… Αν καταλαβα καλα εισαι ο chef για τον οποιο δουλευε ο φιλος jeremiah…. Charlotsville ,ελπιζω να ερθω μετα το καλοκαιρι που θα σπασει η δουλεια… Εχω μια εβδομαδα και θα ηθελα να παω South Carolina για ενα stage ελπιζω τον Μαιο αλλα θα δουμε…..Θα ειμαστε σε επαφη….Μιλαμε….

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