Getting things together…..

8 thoughts on “Getting things together…..”

  1. I have several of those IKEA grinders. They’re not great, but they’re good. I need a Vita-mix. I hadn’t considered repairing a broken one.

    I just bought a broken immersion circulator and repaired it.

    What’s the brand of the big round dish with the small bowl in the center (front of your picture)? I keep looking for those, and can’t find any I like. That one looks perfect.

  2. How did you clean that circulator? I mean sterilize it and all… ?I read about it on your post and i was really impressed… I have spotted one on ebay but i have heard no info about it yet from the seller….
    Ok i have not tried the ikea yet hopefully they fit the applications i need em for… If i understand correctly the plate you are looking for is made by FOH front of the house , a company known for the quality tableware they make….
    Depending on the damage you should be able to find a used vita eventually… I would look around as well …. Sometimes they are offered discounts… I would go with a controlable speed knob one i think the latest is Vita prep 6? if my memory doesnt fail me…

  3. I didn’t really “sterilize” it, except that I turned the pump on in some boiling water, and washed every external part that touches the bath with dish soap.

    But food never comes into contact with it anyway. The food is always vacuum-sealed, at least as I’m currently using it.

    As for being impressed by my fixing it, don’t be. First of all, they’re simple machines. Second, I do have a degree in Computer Science, for which I took some electronics classes. Third, it ended up being just a couple wires that had become desoldered and needed resoldering.

  4. I have heard of people running it in a water bath with low chlorine, a sanitizing solution essentially for 20 minutes… I would try to sterilize it this way… Sometimes bags might have a not perfect seal… Of course that means being a little OCD and overly cautious and “just in case”…. Anyway just to be safe you know, as most of these are ex lab artifacts….
    I have no electronics skill so if i get a piece of equipment with a problem i will be stuck with it…
    Hopefully some of my future ventures will be able to inject money into more equipment…..
    BTW I was looking for a recipe for soil, so thanks for posting …..

  5. The chlorine thing is a good idea. If I were at a restaurant, this would be a bigger concern, but I’m comfortable with it for myself and my friends.

    That soil isn’t as chunky as many I’ve seen. It really comes out more as a “sand.” But it is very good. I find that the little components like that are the toughest to find recipes for. The crumbles and streusels and soils, and the tuiles, crackers, puffs, and all of that. Puffed rice, for instance, eludes me. I thought it was just 1) cook rice, 2) dehydrate, 3) fry. But it didn’t puff up, it remained hard as a rock. It’s the little building blocks that are hard to find.

  6. Did you cook the shit out of it?.. You overcook it then roll into sheets dehydrate then fry and voilla…I had success in that…
    Sometimes i found that it is all a matter of asking the questions…. Most people will share….The rest is a combination of research and experimentation… Sometimes the path is not so clear you know…

  7. I didn’t overcook it. I just used leftover rice, dehydrated it, and fried it. I’ll give that a shot. But not everyone is as ready to respond to comments on their blogs as you are. Anyway, thanks.

  8. I try to do my best to circulate information as much as i can …I happened to be on the computer all day so yeah i take the blogging thing quite seriously even though it doesn seem like that sometimes… Its good to know that there is interaction as my blog is quite limited in audience too…

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