Starchefs NYC 2008 ….

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  1. what was the achatz rant, i have been reading about it but it seems like people are leaving out details about what mpw and achatz were talking about other than mpw thinks tasting menus are lame and he wants one plate of good food then achatz saying saying something like well then whats the point?

  2. Well the rant was a response to Marco Pierre whites mock of everlasting tasting menus and the abondance of menus , that are now more than ever being replaced with tasting menus of various length…Marco evolved on it while Rulhman and Bourdain “watched” and or seemed to agree more or less…That was day one…On day 3 Grant closed the ICC 2008 starting by interrupting his demonstration /theme by indirectly but oh so obviously replying to what was said defending the evolution to tasting menus their perspective on food and throwing some more fire…..
    In reality i think it was a bit blown out of proportion…. You cant call Grant revolutionary concept tired…I could go as far as calling him Ferran of United States…He represents for all of us that want to explore food without restrictions…On the other hand you have Marco and Bourdain that grew up in Michelin star restaurants French was the Shit back then and the only shit if i may there were no tasting menus and no amuse bouche presented , tasting menus were special occasions and themed etc…They represent a different school….I dont think they get it and they dont want to get it…They are old school and they expect food a certain way….
    I dont know if there are sides…I take no sides…..I kind of see points on both sides….. Marco sees the kitchen changing into something else…Its good and bad…I have witnessed tasting menu disaster before so i can see the point… On the other hand Grant wylie and a few more like sean all have tasting menus that represent a complete epitome in food philosophy and food progression …..They have not only changed perception on what we eat but also how we eat and even why we eat…..
    I am still confused a bit……

  3. yeah they both have there points so its really next to impossible to take sides, did anyone just say, well it comes to to one thing, “is it good?” if its not good then who cares what kind of food or how many courses. i do think that a lot of people who are putting together tasting menus do so with reckless abandon, its more about gimmick or they just really have no idea of why things go in the order they go in, or cant explain why they are doing what they are doing. i think that chefs like wylie and grant are inspiring people to be more creative with their approach, the only problem is most people are running before they can walk. when done really well a tasting menu is amazing. when i do them i am not really trying to add shit in just to do it, i would rather make a nice potato puree with chives and creme fraiche and a nicley cooked protein than try to have every course be something that is cutting edge, i think that a good balance is a marriage of both, give them something to talk about, but also give them solid dishes that you know will be a hit, so at least you can have hits and misses because everyone doesnt have the same taste. be able to please both sides is what matters, in my opinion at least.

  4. Well both of them i guess were trying to define food their own way and Marco was saying that he went in a restaurant after a long flight and there was only 2 choices: a 12 course and or an 18 course …. He said i was tired i really wanted food i said lets do 12…. He said after about 3 hours he had lost count and asked his waiter which course am i ? And the waiter told him that the chefs decided to add a few courses to honor him…..It seemed that it seemed he was annoyed more from the how to eat and this is the menu and thats it…You know the lack of choice….. One good point he made was that after a while you could not taste anything anymore and it might be true…..
    Anyway i agree with you: It is about food……

  5. yeah its hard to eat for that long, i have heard the same thing from a lot of people, they just get palate fatigue and i think its also because our lifestyles are usually so go go go all the time that sitting down for a long time makes our minds start wandering and then people cant really pay attention. i think its just the way peoples lives are now that affect things like that. i could see that lack of choice being an issue, sometimes you just want to order what you want not whats forced onto you.

  6. I think you can cover most with 8-9 courses and you can go up to 12 to 14 max if your audience is up for it…But most people want simple stuff….. i guess when i sit down to wd 50 i am there to indulge… i want to see smell taste and be adventurous …if i wanted to satisfy hunger i could with less ( meaning time money people involved why i am out to eat etc)…. When you go to a place like that you expect a certain level of indulgence … for me any place especially with friends is an experience… I will trust my waiter and the staff…. I will ask no special treatment just good food… If i am lucky i will get to see and meet some of my fellow chefs that made my dinner possible… I will take pictures and create a good memory…. Good food records in your selective memory…
    2 restaurants in charleston back to back about 6 courses in each i was stuffed but not tired… the food was excellent the wine good ( and the liquer) and the women beautiful… what else could i ask than spent my days with good friends and good food?

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