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  1. burning out is a different matter, i think it depends on the situation. for my job right now being burnt out would mean not being able to take the drama anymore, at other places i have worked before it would have been the work load, at other places it might be a person with a huge ego that pushed me over the edge. but one thing i have learned is that (mostly lazy but not always) people will push you to do so many things that they could never do themselves, i went through that a lot but i just kept thinking its cool i will just get better and faster then i am the fuck out of here once it becomes monotonous so i can keep learning. but i guess it just depends on the person.

  2. I hear you loud and clear….Craig its about food…The food is more important to me than any other agenda…Through the years i made and burned bridges because of food…And it is not because of food i get the burned out feeling but because the people have agendas which is cool if food was their n 1 priority guess not…F**k the ego and the politics i didnt get into food to get drama and to work for people substaintially challenged mentally…
    I am a team player but right now i play for the team that has problems and issues to solve…

  3. theres always going to be problems that for sure but sometimes i think you just have to decide when enough is enough. i am getting to that point again. its what we have to do to keep moving toward that eventual goal. some people i have worked for in the past think you need to stay at places for a few years to fully learn but for me that doesnt work, i try to expose myself to many different ways of doing the same thing, i have worked in fine dining, catering, hotels, casinos, coking shows,owned my own private dining business, and right now i work as a private chef, i have worked in about 20 different restaurants and i have seen how people do the same thing in 20 different ways, maybe your future you just need to find out what you need to get the best out of a place and get even closer the vision you want for yourself. i am not saying my way is right by any means, but i have got a lot of flak for wanting to move on and try to do my own and i also look at it kind of like painting (since i paint as well) if i looked at a painter all day long for a period of time then my style would eventually start to reflect that, if i look at many painters using colors and brushes and other tools in different ways then i can get the tools to really find out my own methods that i like instead of knowing how that one person does things, i can develop my own style and vision. (although i did stay in one spot for 3 years and i did learn a lot from that experience, but after that i realized i needed to start moving toward what i want to do and not be a puppet, when i worked at kellers place it was like a bunch of people who were trying to be just like him, that was annoying to me in the sense that i think the guy is one of the best chefs to ever live, but i am not him so why mimmick him, in the end i think it boils down to most but not all chefs look at other cooks as warm bodies plating their food) (obviously there are some chefs who don’t think this way and they are some of the best in that sense for sure, but cooking is changing, big business, big money, consistency, branding, and celebrity. living in one of the hot spots for that type of lifestyle i see how the wheels turn and it makes me want to keep striving for my vision of what i want to do, because working for all the “greats” in our industry right now just seems like your just another cog in the wheel, or another little monkey in 1 of 17 restaurants, so dont let people sucker you into doing things you dont feel will push you further)

  4. I realized early in my career that each restaurant is a small planet sometimes so exclusive it is completely wrapped up in its own little world….i also did the mistake to work hard for everyone that ever employed me…Mistake because i realized that in this life its not how good you are and how many qualities you have or how much work you put into it …Its about how good you can sell and promote yourself…
    I havent seen anyone work at the same place for more than 3 years or so and the few that do have a long lasting career with monetary returns…In Greece a hotel might change chefs every couple of years or so which is good because for some people new chef new ideas new food…But in reality you are not going anywhere if you are standing “still” …I think 6 months to a year is enough in a restaurant….Then a couple of good events and a couple of stages a year to keep the juice in your brain is a good choice…
    Where i want to be right now..? Well i believe a change is eminent …I made a huge mistake and remained in the same place for the pasr 3 years…I have gained insight of the area and it also restricted myself from floating….I gained focus and took liberty in any given chance to prove my credentials…My food is stunning, at least to them …To me its just preoccupied….Out of 30 i will mostly like 2 and end up keeping 1 and tweak the rest trashing the ones i really thought were “tired” food..But i am not moving up or down…I am standing still…..
    So after 3 years i realized that my inside voice was right from week n 2 at work…This place is unethical and coppupted in mentallity…And that s whats wrong…
    Why am i there? After almost 15 years on this field i had to start paying some bills….I have a house a wife and a kid…..I had to compromise in order to maintain some standards in my personal life….
    in the end though you have to move on….Craig this time came yesterday…I am now on the hunt for another type of restaurant..Maybe a move is inevitable……

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